The Gripper

Total + Shipping:: $105.00
The Gripper is designed for the kind of demanding jobs that require a larger, heavier-duty tool. With a built-in handle, the Gripper allows for extra power to cut through the toughest of raw stock materials. In response to feedback from customers working with larger rolls, we designed the Gripper to be more comfortable with its ergonomic finger grips. This design allows the user to get better leverage and a solid grip while cutting through all kinds of heavy stock. The Gripper also offers these benefits:

  • Improve safety – no razor-blade cuts.
  • Increase yield, reduce waste – only the necessary amount of stock flawlessly cut from the inside out.
  • Decreased down time – makes removing stock from rollers quick and safe.
  • Increase roller life – eliminate cuts and burrs on machine rollers.